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Section 8

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Mullan, ID to Samuels, ID

Distance: 120 miles

Number of days: 6 days

Day 41 - August 2

We slept most of the night with the door wide open in the cabin trying to get some air flow. We showered once more before picking up our food package at the post office and saying our goodbyes to the historic town of Wallace. The night before we had arranged to meet one of the locals back at the Metal Bar for bloody marys at 11:00. We showed up but he did not so we began the dreaded 8 mile walk back to the trail in Mullan. We wanted so bad to hitchhike our way back but decided to hike the miles to get rid of our head aches that the drinks the night before had given us. The way we were feeling I didn’t think we would make it let alone 8 miles but we kept pushing the 15 miles to Pear lake.

We made it to pear lake just before dark and I cooked some Idahoan potato soup while we contemplated why we like beer.

Day 42 - August 3

Looking ahead on the trail we knew this next section was going to be tough because we would be on a ridge line with very little access to water. We decided to carry about 3 liters each and hoped that the natural spring on the map in 15 miles was real. We made it to the location of the spring just in time.

Throughout the hike my inner landscape architect would come out every once in awhile to teach Steve some tree identification tips, we also learned to identify the plant communities that indicate where there was water. After filling up our water bottles we continue to Ninety-three mile lake where we camp for the night.

Day 43 - August 4

We calculated about 24 miles to the next water source so we filled our bladders up even though the water was mossy and stagnant we had no other option. The first mile we climbed 700 ft and followed the ridge line the rest of the day. We stopped in the shade at Idaho point where the trail turns into a road and an ATV cruises by without even noticing us. We were hoping that they would stop to ask us if we needed anything. We got service on the ridge and decided to see if Clark Fork had anywhere that we could stay the night. We found the Clark Fork Lodge and decided to book a room for the next night.

We were excited to shower and do laundry but our first priority was finding water. We were about three miles from where we thought a spring was when a couple of jeeps out for a joy ride come from behind us. The second one stops and I ask if he has any extra water with him. He doesn’t hesitate and gives me his last bottle. He was from Arizona visiting friends that were in the first jeep. He takes off to catch up to his friends after a short conversation. One mile up the road we come across another bottle of water directly in the center of the road.

I am guessing when the he caught up to the first jeep they decided to drop the water for us. We were struck by their kindness and continued to the spring. Hiking about 1 mile off trail we found the cold spring to fill up our bottles. We camped that night next to the road.

Day 44 - August 5

We hiked as much as we could in the morning so we could check into the lodge and relax. On our way we met Craig Nelson on his bike. He gave us all the information on the town, where to eat, where to get groceries, and where the post office was. He later stopped by in his truck and gave us a map of the area. We ate sandwiches at the Pantry and went to the post office to get our package. We checked into our room and I did laundry in my tights and down jacket. We went to the bar and had some food before buying a 6 pack and relaxing in the lodge.

Day 45 - August 6

Checking out late we left Clark Fork and watched some small town Idaho entertainment of a rock quarry getting blown up.

We had heard there were private property issues outside of Clark Fork and some fire closures so we talked to a couple that recommended that we hike the Denton Rd. to Sam Owens campground where we would stay the night. We ate at the Italian restaurant next to the campground and relaxed the rest of the day.

Day 46 - August 7

We leave Sam Owens campground around 7:30 and hike the Denton Rd. to East Hope. The road ends and we are forced to hike the highway for 6 miles. We try to hike on the road as much as possible while jumping the guardrail every time we see a car coming our way. After about 4 miles I turn to Steve and ask him if someone pulled over and asked us if we wanted a ride would you take it? He says probably… Not 5 mins later Erin pulls over and we hop in, she takes us about 2 miles saving us from the dreaded highway walk. She offered us a place to stay and a shower but we declined knowing that we needed to get the miles in to Naples. She explained that there was a small restaurant on the road ahead that we could get lunch. Unfortunately we walked right by it not knowing where it was but we continued to small town of Samual, ID and the Blue Harron cafe arriving just in time for it to downpour. We hoped to chill in the cafe for awhile before figuring out our next move but instead we were told that they were only taking to-go orders. We ordered some food and sat outside the gas station scarfing down our food looking like a bunch of hobos. We found out the cafe was having water issues and it wasn’t just because we looked like hobos. At this point we had no idea what to do. We needed to make it to Naples to pick up our next food resupply but did not want to walk the highway to Naples instead I decided to make a cardboard sign and stand by the entrance of the gas station.

About 10 cars passed before Caleb and his family said he would give us a ride if we didn’t mind riding in the back of his truck with his wet groceries. They dropped us off in Naples and we immediately walked into the bar and had a few beers. Dean the bartender asked us if we were hikers and we told him what we were up to. He offered to let us stay in a small cabin behind the bar. It was perfect although trains rush by often blaring their horns we avoided the downpour all night in our comfy beds. Linda cooks us a pizza for dinner and we meet some people that own a farm near Chester, Nebraska.

Day 46.1 - August 8 The post office did not open till Monday so we had one day to kill. We slept in till 9 before going to the general store to check things out. We relaxed most of the morning before getting some ice cream and walking around the town. The bar opened at 2:00 and we were greeted by some locals that were very interested in what we were doing. Greywolf bought us a round of beers and we ordered lunch and chatted with Rick Reed who offered to show us around his place. We agreed to check things out and we were impressed with his attention to detail and creativity with his garden and comedy club. We enjoyed some laughs and Rick gave us some life advise. We headed back to the bar and shared our story with a few more locals and Linda the bartender offers to give us a ride the next morning back to the where we left off on the trail. We met Weasel before the bar closed, we enjoyed hearing about his life experiences. He showed us some of his crafts and gave us a couple Kokanee beers that taste good warm.


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