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When we are asked how the hike went we get a lot of the same questions so here is a summary.

Did you see any bears?

Yes, 3 Adult bears and 3 Cubs. Read about the experience here

How did you get food?

1. We mailed our food to 6 locations (mostly post offices)

2. Met friends along the way that brought us our food, clean clothes, and new shoes

(Thanks Trent Jansen, Layne, Tanner, Dave & Nancy Shaw, and Shelby & Tony Weber)

Did you catch any fish? Eat them?

We did catch fish, but did not eat any, for a variety of reasons.

What was your favorite part?

The Idaho Montana State-line Trail #738 from Fish Lake to Hoodoo Pass. See Map

Were you scared at all?

No, but at one point we did find ourselves in the middle of a wildfire. Although it was slow and mostly burning the understory of the forest it was an eery feeling.

How did you get home?

Steve told me if I made it to the end (American Falls) by August 13th that he would get us back to Boise. I was unsure how he was going to make this happen but assumed that he had arranged someone to pick us up. Sure enough a good friend, Adam Kuntz pulls up in a rental car and takes us to Spokane to fly home.

How long did you plan?

About 5 months, we committed to the hike around Thanksgiving 2020 and started to research and contact other hikers.

Any adventures planned?

Nothing planned but something might come up. We like to keep people on their toes.

How long did it take you? Average miles

50 days on trail, hiking around 19 miles per day, for 950 miles total

How many pairs of shoes? Did your feet grow?

We each went through 3 pairs of shoes

Did you guys argue?

Yes, usually about nothing.

Would you do it again?

Probably not, we wanted a challenge and that is what we got. The bushwhacking for miles and miles is what makes the Idaho Centennial Trail the Idaho Centennial Trail and a part of me wants it to stay that way. It was a challenge that not very many people have overcome.

Would you hike the AT or PCT?

I have no plans to hike another trail but I would like to just so I have something to compare the ICT to. I think the ICT is the hardest trail in the United States but I could be biased.


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