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Hwy 20 to Atlanta, ID

Distance: 55 miles

Number of Days: 4

Day 9 - May 29

12 miles

We wake up early, to get dropped off where we were picked up the previous day. Later learning that morning, how to open a Mountain House food can, without a can opener.

Continuing the hike on a single lane road to Hunter Creek Transfer camp, seeing a few vehicles and people along the way. Later in the day we set up camp near Lime Creek where we were able to relax and wash up a little. Dirt bikers zoom by on the Presidents Trail but they, had no idea that we are set up near the creek.

Day 10 - May 30

14 miles

We woke up early to the brisk temperatures, deciding to reroute and take the Presidents Trail because the North Fork of Lime Creek Trail was overgrown at the start, and possibly closed because of fire damage. The steep inclines were taking a toll on me, being the first major ascent on the ICT. We made it to the Virginia Gulch Trailhead at 1:00 and relaxed by the South Fork of the Boise River. Steve tried to fly fish, with no luck.

Day 11 - May 31

15.5 miles

The ICT follows a gravel road to Willow Creek Transfer camp and turns to the Willow Creek Trail. We pass a nice hot spring that we may come back to visit after the hike. There were a few large trees that we had to climb over and few creek crossings, but overall the trail was in good condition.

Our next resupply was located in Atlanta, ID. We decided to take the Decker Creek Trail to Trail Creek Trailhead and follow a gravel road to Atlanta.

Snow covered the trail above 7,400 feet so we spent most of the afternoon searching for the trail and stumbling our way to dry ground, camping under a grove of fir trees. Steve realizes he forgot the tent stakes at the previous spot, just 15 miles away. So I call him Stevie Stakes from now on.

Day 12 - June 1

13 miles

Hiking on well maintained trail along Decker Creek Trail to Trail Creek Trailhead we decided to do some fishing in the Yuba River.

We were almost to Middle Fork Road, when Steve realized that he had lost his phone. You can about imagine what kind of mood I was in, I did not want to back track at all. He thought it might have fallen out of his pocket when he was fishing, so we hiked back, and lucky enough, he found it, on the road about 2 miles from where he noticed it was missing. We continued to hike until we made it to Atlanta and picked up our resupply boxes, had lunch and charged our devices. Leaving around 3:00 for the power plant campground east of Atlanta.


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