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Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Hammett, ID to Hwy 20

Distance: 36.5 miles

Number of Days: 2.5 Days

Day 6 - May 26 continued

5 miles from Hammett (22 total)

From Hammett we continued on the trail crossing Interstate 84 north of Hammett entering a wind turbine field. I knew water and shade were also scarce in this section and we were able to find some afternoon shade next to a wind turbine building. Walking a few miles to find a flat area that we were hoping was not private property We fell asleep hoping our blisters would feel better in the morning.

Day 7- May 27

17.5 miles

Started a long dry walk along gravel roads through a wind turbine field. We followed the ICT signs as we hiked up a bluff toward Stout crossing where we found some water to refill our bottles.

Seeing trees in the distance we hiked a few more miles along Bennett Mountain Rd. before finding a campsite along a creek under the shade of some large Douglas Fir trees.

Day 8 - May 28

14 miles

The plan for the day was to make it to the intersection of High Prairie Rd and FH61 to Featherville so Trent could pick us up and we could camp with him for the night. Most of the morning we hiked on Bennett Mountain Rd. To Highway 20. We ended up rerouting our hike a little bit to avoid the busy Memorial Day weekend traffic on the highway. We ended up hiking about 4 miles on FH61 motioning to truck drivers to honk their horns as we they passed reminding us of our walks home from grade school. We found a camping spot outside of Featherville and Trent grilled us some burgers while we packed the meals that he had brought us. we spent the evening next to the Boise River talking next to the campfire.


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